Making the Friends and Family Test inclusive

All patients should have the opportunity to provide feedback through the Friends and Family Test (FFT) within each of the NHS-funded services covered by the FFT implementation guidance.

It is understood that the FFT may present difficulties for some people with particular social and communication needs. The FFT guidance section ‘Making the FFT Inclusive’ sets out advice as to how particular groups of people can be supported and empowered to participate in the FFT. The links below provide examples of work undertaken to help make the FFT inclusive.

Children and young people

Monkey Wellbeing offer a range of downloadable feedback forms suitable for children and young people in a range of healthcare settings, along with a promotional posters.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust have kindly given their permission for these materials to be reproduced. If you are reproducing the materials please ensure that you credit the relevant Trust.

Learning Disabilities



Blind or vision loss

Translated documents for People with little or no English

Question translations for Making the FFT Inclusive

The questions and response options below should be used as set out in the FFT implementation guidance section ‘Making the FFT Inclusive’.