Medical appraisal guide (MAG)

NHS England follows the format of appraisal described by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in the Medical Appraisal Guide 2022. This describes how medical appraisal can be carried out effectively. It is designed to help doctors understand what they need to do to prepare for and participate in appraisal and to help appraisers and designated bodies ensure that appraisal is carried out consistently, proportionately and to a high standard, to support the doctor in providing the best professional care for patients.

The Medical Appraisal Guide 2022 replaces the Medical Appraisal Guide previously published by NHS England in March 2013 (updated September 2014). It represents the culmination of a process of revision of medical appraisal that began in 2020. This took place between a wide range of partners and stakeholders including NHS England, GMC, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, BMA and the four nations of the UK.

The Medical Appraisal Guide 2022 should be read in conjunction with accompanying resources presented by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. These include the Medical appraisal Template 2022 and a Personal Development Plan Template, as well as guidance from the medical royal colleges and faculties giving the specialty context for the supporting information required for appraisal. Doctors should also take into account prevailing GMC guidance on this and related topics, and any relevant guidance and local policies that might be produced by their employing or contracting organisation.