Appraiser meetings and events

All England Appraisal Network: Lead Appraiser’s Conference 2016

This was held on two dates and locations:

  • 23 February 2016 – Metropole Hotel, Leeds
  • 1 March 2016 – Human Rights Action Centre, London

Material from both days, including plenary, workshop and seminar sessions is available for delegates here.

Promoting Participation – National Conference for NHS England Appraisal Leads 2016

Tuesday 2nd February 2016 9.30am-4.30pm
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This national conference focused on appraisal leadership and the relationship between governance and appraisal in NHS England, through workshops, group discussion and sharing best practice. The conference was arranged by the All England Appraisal Network. Post conference feedback from the National Appraisal Lead to delegates noted that NHS England Lead Appraisers show a clear and strong commitment to meaningful, robust and supportive (‘compassionate’) appraisal that motivates and inspires doctors to give of their best. There was also a clear sense that the local teams, which have been through so many logistical challenges, are now operating with ever-increasing effectiveness, and not a little pride that NHS England still leads the field in achieving high appraisal rates. NHS England Lead Appraisers engagement with the session on quality assurance indicated a widespread level of recognition of the reality that we will get the most out of appraisal by supporting and effectively reviewing the appraisers’ work.

Slides from the day are available for delegates here.

Sharing Standards – National Conference for NHS England Area Team Appraisal Leads

Tuesday 3rd March 2015 9.30am-4pm
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This national conference aimed to promote the calibration of appraisal policy and practice within NHS England through workshops, group discussion, sharing best practice and current position statements. The conference was arranged by the All England Appraisal Network. Standards of appraisal were discussed throughout NHS England by looking at topics including revisions to the NHS England Medical Appraisal Policy, appraiser training, CPD for appraisers and assurance of appraiser function.