The appraiser role

A medical appraiser will normally be a licensed doctor with knowledge of the context in which the doctor works.

An appraiser should:

  • be the most appropriate appraiser for the doctor, taking into account their full scope of work
  • understand the professional obligations placed on doctors by the GMC
  • understand the importance of appraisal for the doctor’s professional
  • have suitable skills and training for the context in which the appraisal is taking place.

For further detail on the skills and experience needed to be an appraiser, please see Quality Assurance of Medical Appraisers.

Starting out as an appraiser

If you are interested in becoming an appraiser:

  • Talk to your appraiser or other appraisers about the role.
  • Look through the job description, person specification and other materials from your organisation.
  • Contact your appraisal lead, appraisal co-ordinator or responsible officer to discuss the role and find out about the local process for becoming an appraiser.
  • Find out more about the training and support available