Appraiser training and support

If you’re a new medical appraiser, or are just returning to the role and unsure about appraisal for revalidation, you should take part in appraiser training. Contact your responsible officer or clinical appraisal lead to see what training is available locally.

Sample appraiser training materials

A two day training programme was initially developed by the NHS Revalidation Support Team and was delivered through regional revalidation teams.

The materials from this programme have been reviewed and updated by NHS England and are available below. They should be adapted as appropriate to suit local needs and the skills and expertise of the training facilitators.

As a medical appraiser, you may find it helpful to browse these materials either as background reading or to give you an idea of what to expect on an appraiser training course.

The training is aimed at appraisers who are new to their role and includes all of the elements of the NHS England revalidation training for current appraisers. Having completed the training, appraisers will be ready to undertake appraisals for medical revalidation although a probationary period may be necessary to ensure the skills gained in training are being successfully transferred into practice.

Appraiser development and support

You will be expected to undertake appropriate continuing professional development as an appraiser, and to attend peer networking sessions.

Your responsible officer and appraisal lead should use a framework similar to Quality Assurance of Medical Appraisers (NHS Revalidation Support Team, 2013) to help them ensure that their appraisers are effective.

NHS England has set up an appraisal network, which operates at national, regional and local levels. Each designated body has been asked to nominate a clinical appraisal lead to participate in the network. At appraisal network meetings, participants have the opportunity to exchange information and calibrate appraisal-related decisions.