Orthodontic  MCN


The aim of the Orthodontic Managed Clinical Network is to ensure the highest standard of appropriate orthodontic care is provided to the population of the South West.


Clinical Chair – Joseph McGill
E-mail: jtmcgill@me.com
Specialist orthodontic provider

Referral Guidance and Forms

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Orthodontic Referral Form Pilot September 2018 – Bristol Area

As the NHS England local office covers an area which includes Cornwall, Devon Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, there is a desire to standardise referral forms for all dental specialties. The orthodontic managed clinical network has been working with orthodontists and general dental practitioners to develop a single referral form for use for all orthodontic referrals.

As such, Bristol has been chosen to pilot the new orthodontic referral form and it is intended the new form should be used for all new referrals sent to orthodontic providers in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire from 1st September.

We request that referrers in these areas use the new form rather than any other as the NHS referral method for both practice and hospital orthodontic referrals. There will be a transition period of 3 months after which older forms will be returned and not accepted for processing. Please direct any feedback or enquiries to england.swdental@nhs.net

Download the pilot Orthodontic Referral Form