Latent TB Testing Laboratory Analysis Services: appointment of providers

The Collaborative TB Strategy Commissioning Guidance advised of plans to develop a nationally coordinated framework of providers of laboratory testing services for Latent TB. This process has now been completed and the following providers have been appointed to the Framework within each TB Control Board area:

  • Lot 1 – North East, Yorkshire & Humber: Oxford Immunotec
  • Lot 2 – North West: Oxford Immunotec
  • Lot 3 – East Midlands: University of Leicester Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Lot 4 – West Midlands: Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford Immunotec, synlab UK Ltd
  • Lot 5 – East of England: Oxford Immunotec
  • Lot 6 – London: Health Services Laboratories, Oxford Immunotec, St Georges’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Lot 7 – South East: Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Lot 8 – South West: Oxford Immunotec

The letter dated 10 November 2015 reminded CCGs that the TB Commissioning Guidance set out the roles of lead CCGs for the TB Strategy within each TB Control Board area and that this included ensuring clarity on the responsibilities of the lead CCG and other CCGs in relation to TB services. It also advised that, as part of this role, lead CCGs should agree with other CCGs how commissioning arrangements in relation to providers on the Framework Agreement will operate. This should include:

a) whether the lead CCG will commission these services on behalf of other CCGs locally and:

b) if so, clarity on how the funding flows between CCGs will operate locally to facilitate this.

Work will be taking place with lead CCGs shortly to facilitate the conclusion of agreements with providers appointed to the Framework in their Control Board area. In order to enable this, CCGs are asked to ensure that clarity on the above local arrangements is agreed as soon as possible.