Clinical entrepreneur training programme

Recruitment 2020/2021 update

Due to current circumstances regarding COVID-19, we are pausing recruitment to the programme for the immediate future. We will continue to review this position periodically and update this website when circumstances change.

If you would you like to be notified when recruitment is open, please email and we can add you to our notification list. Thank you for your understanding.

The clinical entrepreneur training programme offers clinical, NHS staff and wider health professionals opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial aspirations during their clinical training period.

The programme offers a range of activities for entrepreneurial support, including:

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Placements and internships
  • Facilitation of relationships with commercial organisations
  • Educational events and curriculum
  • Funding signposting
  • Networking events
  • Time out for entrepreneurial activities

Dr Krishan Ramdoo, ENT Research Fellow, GP, Founder and CEO, Tympahealth and Clinical Entrepreneur

Whilst working in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery as a Registrar and then embarking on his PhD, Krishan’s area of interest soon became about the impact of hearing loss globally and how technology could be used to help patients in this field. He subsequently founded TympaHealth Technologies. This is in essence a unique smartphone otoscope – a medical device which is used to look into the ears.

The Tympa System delivers a safe, cost-effective, digital ear inspection, wax removal via micro-suction and a screening hearing test all delivered by allied health professionals. The hearing health record can then be remotely reviewed by ENT specialists via a secure online platform. TympaHealth Technologies is also developing an algorithmic screening tool, using machine learning to identify anomalies in the ear which would then be prioritised for review and early detection.

With support from the mentoring, training, opportunities and connections provided by the Clinical Entrepreneur Programme, Krishan, now practising as a GP, has taken the Tympa System from concept stage to market.

TympaHealth has completed two series A funding rounds and is currently in ongoing trials with the NHS, being rolled out as the preferred system in the Boots Hearingcare network. Tympa is also collaborating with Apple’s Research Kit with the aim of recruiting to the largest hearing loss study across the world. Not only are patients now benefitting from the technology being developed by this clinical entrepreneur but the NHS is also receiving a return on its investment as a shareholder in the technology.


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