Innovation Service

The NHS Innovation Service has been developed to accelerate the spread of promising and impactful innovations into the NHS.

The online service for health and care innovators, aims to support individuals and companies at all stages of their innovation journey. To help them to get their products, services or ideas adopted in the NHS and in turn provide innovative solutions to NHS challenges.

The NHS Innovation Service provides access to coordinated support and guidance from organisations with expertise in the development and widespread adoption of health innovation. The service will help healthcare innovators work with the NHS and get the support they need to get their innovation to clinicians and patients faster.

It can help innovators understand essential elements to adoption and spread within the NHS, such as the regulations and standards they will need to meet; the evidence they should demonstrate; and the NHS procurement and reimbursement processes.

To use the service, innovators create an account and complete an innovation record, which contains detailed information about their innovation. This enables an expert team to determine the requirements for the innovation to be adopted and put the innovator in touch with the right organisation at the right time. At each stage, organisations offering support have access to the innovation record, which will accelerate the process and avoid duplication – saving innovators having to reintroduce their concept and progress to each organisation.

Organisations providing support through the service include:

Access the NHS Innovation Service here.