NHS Insights Prioritisation Programme

The NHS Insights Prioritisation Programme (NIPP), commissioned by the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) and the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), is designed to accelerate the evaluation and implementation of innovation that supports post-pandemic ways of working, builds service resilience and delivers benefits to patients. Its main objectives are:

  • to facilitate Applied Research Collaborations (ARCs) and the Health Innovation Network contribution to NHS Reset and Recovery by generating rapid insights in relation to promising innovations;
  • to identify interventions that will contribute to integrated care systems (ICSs) and regional needs, aligned to the four beneficial changes network themes; namely: remote consultation; remote monitoring; new approaches to service delivery; and health and social care workforce;
  • to build local capacity and expertise for evaluation and implementation.

The NIPP builds on the collaboration between the Beneficial Changes Network and the AAC, providing competitive funding to enable Health Innovation Networks and ARCs to work together to test promising innovations within their ICSs and generate rapid insights to support local decision makers about implementation.

The following projects have been funded and have now commenced activity that will be ongoing until March 2023:

  • Health Innovation Eastand East of England ARC – Understanding the implementation and impact of remote monitoring pathways in ICSs.
  • Health Innovation Manchester and Greater Manchester ARC – Optimising neighbourhood vaccination hubs in Greater Manchester.
  • Health Innovation Network South London and South London ARC – Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyles for Diabetes (HEAL-D) in African and Caribbean communities.
  • Health Innovation Oxford and Thames Valley and Oxford and Thames Valley ARC – Virtual clinics for managing transient ischaemic attack and minor stroke – developing a safe and effective model for post pandemic working.
  • Health Innovation South West and South West Peninsula ARC – Evaluation to enable the scale-up of Community Assessment and Treatment Units (CATUs) in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’s rural and coastal communities.
  • UCL Partners and North Thames ARC – Implementing a Learning Health System approach for the Community Diagnostic Centre programme in London.
  • Heath Innovation Wessex and Wessex ARC – Evaluation of the use, applicability and acceptability of digital remote monitoring for people living with frailty in the community, to inform development of frailty virtual wards.
  • Heath Innovation West of England and West ARC – Evaluating the use of Advanced Practitioner Additional Roles as a sustainable approach to expanding workforce capacity and improving the quality of primary care.
  • Heath Innovation West Midlands and West Midlands ARC – Acute assessment and medical care without hospital transfer for older people living with frailty.
  • Heath Innovation Yorkshire and Humber and Yorkshire and Humber ARC – Evaluation and implementation of (Community) Unscheduled Care Coordination to reduce hospital attendance.
  • Imperial College Health Partners and ARC Northwest London – Improving Identification and Preventing Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease.
  • Heath Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex and Kent, Surrey and Sussex ARC – Evaluation Discharge to assess pathways in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.
  • Heath Innovation North West Coast and North West Coast ARC – Neonatal Early Supported Transfer Home
  • Health Innovation North East and North Cumbria and North East and North Cumbria ARC – Evaluating the impact of an evidence informed, digitally deployed, GP video intervention that aims to reduce opioid prescribing in primary care.

For more information, please contact england.healthinnovation@nhs.net