Pathway Transformation Fund

Funding announced by government in July 2017 is available through the new Pathway Transformation Fund (PTF) to help NHS organisations integrate the rapid uptake products into everyday practice. Delivered with the support of the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), and in partnership with the rapid uptake product suppliers, the PTF seeks to improve access to these products.

The PTF can help providers overcome practical obstacles to introducing these products, such as:

  • support set-up costs such as training and accreditation of staff;
  • pathway redesign and/or business support expertise;
  • providing funding for specialist nurses and clinical staff needed to implement a new part of the procedure; and
  • covering double running costs.

Phase one

The first phase supported three of the AAC rapid uptake products (UroLift, placental growth factor-based testing and high-sensitivity troponin testing in an under three-hour protocol). More than £370,000 has been made available across the 16 projects approved.

Phase two

Applications for phase two closed on 31 October 2019. This phase has focused on the rapid uptake products supported in phase one plus HeartFlow and PCSK9 inhibitors.

Phase three

Phase three of the Pathway Transformation Fund (PTF) will support the 2020/21 Rapid Uptake Products (RUPs):

  • Lipid Management: High Intensity Statins, Ezetimibe and PCSK9 inhibitors
  • Measuring fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) concentration in asthma: products NIOX VERO and NObreath
  • Biologics for treating severe asthma: Reslizumab, Benralizumab, Mepolizumab and Omalizumab

NHS organisations will be able to submit applications for PTF from 4 January 2021 until 30 April 2021. The application deadline has been extended from the original date of 11 February in recognition of the extreme challenges facing NHS organisations. Applications should be developed and submitted with the support of your local Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) RUP lead.

For further information, please contact