The Allied Health Professions logo

Allied Health Professions logoWhat does it signify?

The blue centre of the logo represents the NHS, and the 14 small dark pink circles surrounding the blue represent the 14 Allied Health Professions (AHP) professions.

Local use and adaption of the AHP brand

The AHP brand is used widely by our AHP colleagues, for numerous purposes. As the brand was established to represent an identity for the AHP workforce, we are supportive of our AHP colleagues to use the brand for their own purposes.

The Chief Allied Health Professions Officer is also understanding and supportive of the logo being slightly adapted to meet local needs, on electronic versions and as a pin badge – for example by inserting a specific team or trust name within the blue circle.

However, to preserve the initial integrity of the logo, we ask that any subtle tweaking for local use is done in a sensitive, tasteful and respectful way. The colour palette and circle arrangement should remain in-tact, with refrain from any extreme alterations. Always bear in mind that the badge belongs to and represents all AHPs. The logo is intended to be inclusive and this should be reflected in any adapted versions created locally.

If you have any queries about how to tweak the logo for your local use or want to check with us first, you can contact the team at and we will gladly discuss this with you.