About cancer

The NHS provides a very high standard of cancer care. Our cancer outcomes have improved significantly over recent years, including our survival rates, which have never been higher. However, we know that more work is needed to make sure that everyone with cancer receives world-class care, support and treatment.

Unfortunately, our survival rates still lag behind the best in Europe, quality of care can be variable and the needs of people living with and beyond cancer are not always met.

There are more and more people being diagnosed with cancer and living with the condition. Current figures show that one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and it is expected that by 2030 3.4 million people will be living with cancer.

In May 2016, the National Cancer Transformation Board published a wide range of specific steps designed to increase prevention, speed up diagnosis, improve the experience of patients and help people living with and beyond the disease in Achieving World Class Cancer Outcomes: Taking the strategy forward.

Watch Cally Palmer talk about our ambition to create world class cancer services

Cally Palmer is NHS England’s National Cancer Director and is leading the implementation of this strategy. In this video, Cally talks about our plans to create the best cancer services across the country and to save thousands of lives each year:

Read Cally’s blog: Our ambition to create world class cancer services