NHS Long Term Plan ambitions for cancer

The NHS Long Term Plan (LTP) was published in January 2019. It sets out stretching ambitions and commitments to improve cancer outcomes and services in England over the next ten years.

The key ambitions in the NHS LTP for cancer are:

  • by 2028, 55,000 more people each year will survive their cancer for five years or more; and
  • by 2028, 75% of people with cancer will be diagnosed at an early stage (stage one or two).

The ambitions will be delivered in a way that:

  • improves quality of life outcomes;
  • improves patient experience outcomes;
  • reduces variation; and
  • reduces inequalities

The NHS Cancer Programme is responsible for delivering on the LTP for cancer. The LTP ambitions build on and accelerate the significant progress already made through delivery of the recommendations of the Independent Cancer Taskforce published in 2015. You can read more about the we’ve made to deliver the Taskforce’s recommendations in our  progress reports.

You can also read the NHS Cancer Programme’s latest update report, which summarises the key achievements and milestones from April to December 2020 in delivering the NHS Long Term Plan for cancer.