Cancer Alliances – improving care locally

Cancer Alliances bring together clinical and managerial leaders from different hospital trusts and other health and social care organisations, to transform the diagnosis, treatment and care for cancer patients in their local area. These partnerships enable care to be more effectively planned across local cancer pathways.

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Cancer Alliance priorities 2018/19

Each Cancer Alliance brings together the key organisations in an area to coordinate cancer care and to plan for and lead delivery of improved outcomes for patients locally. This year Alliances are working to:

  • Support delivery of all eight waiting time standards for cancer, including the 62 day referral-to-treatment cancer standard.
  • Progress towards the 2020/21 ambition for 62% of cancer patients to be diagnosed at stage 1 or 2, and reduce the proportion of cancers diagnosed following an emergency admission.
  • Implement the nationally agreed rapid assessment and diagnostic pathways for lung, prostate and colorectal cancers, ensuring that patients get timely access to the latest diagnosis and treatment.
  • Progress towards the 2020/21 ambition for all breast cancer patients to move to a stratified follow-up pathway after treatment, including putting in place clinically agreed protocols for stratifying breast cancer patients and a system for remote monitoring by the end of 2018/19.
  • Ensure full implementation of the new cancer waiting times system ahead of the introduction of a new 28 day early diagnosis standard in 2020.
  • Support the rollout of FIT in the bowel cancer screening programme.
  • Support the implementation of the new radiotherapy service specification, ensuring that the latest technologies are available for all patients across the country.
  • Where relevant, participate in pilot programmes offering low dose CT scanning based on an assessment of lung cancer risk in CCGs with lowest lung cancer survival rates.

Cancer Alliances also share best practice across these priorities within their own Alliance and with other Alliances.

Each Cancer Alliance has a funding agreement in place for 2018/19 which sets out what it will achieve this year. Read more about the cancer priorities in 2018/19 in the planning guidance.

Map of English Cancer Alliances

  1. Northern Cancer Alliance
  2. Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Alliance
  3. West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance
  4. Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance
  5. Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance
  6. Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance
  7. South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw, North Derbyshire and Hardwick Cancer Alliance
  8. West Midlands Cancer Alliance
  9. East Midlands Cancer Alliance
  10. East of England Cancer Alliance
  11. RM Partners Cancer Alliance
  12. UCLH Cancer Collaborative Cancer Alliance
  13. South East London Cancer Alliance
  14. Somerset, Wiltshire, Avon and Gloucestershire Cancer Alliance
  15. Thames Valley Cancer Alliance
  16. Peninsula Cancer Alliance
  17. Wessex Cancer Alliance
  18. Surrey and Sussex Cancer Alliance
  19. Kent and Medway Cancer Alliance


Examples of Cancer Alliance projects and new models of care

Cancer Alliances are transforming care locally through a range of transformation projects.

Below are several examples of Cancer Alliance projects which are delivering new models to support better outcomes for patients: