NHS England support and funding for Cancer Alliances

Cancer Alliances and NHS England work closely together to deliver the five year cancer strategy. There are 19 Cancer Alliances across the country that bring together local clinical and operational staff  from providers and other healthcare organisations, to implement the strategy and transform cancer care and support for patients.

Cancer Alliances look at the care and support patients should expect to receive from diagnosis to follow-up support across whole populations of patients, so they can address variations and implement best practice. NHS England provides Cancer Alliances with funding, support and guidance to assist in their work.

Programme Funding and support for Cancer Alliances

NHS England has confirmed funding of over £600 million to support delivery of the strategy which has been set out clearly for the four years to 2020/21.

Support that all Cancer Alliances will receive in 2018/19 to transform care for their cancer patients includes:

  • Transformation Funding to deliver improvements in early and faster diagnosis and quality of life for people living with and beyond cancer
  • Core Funding to establish and maintain a team to support the new way of working led by the Alliance
  • National Support Funding allocated in a way that helps to address regional variations in levels of funding and with the purpose of ensuring that all Alliances are supported to deliver the 2018/19 Planning Guidance priorities
  • Dedicated support from our new analysis, evidence and data service
  • Support and assurance from NHS England regional offices
  • A tailored development programme
  • A series of national Cancer Alliance events to share best practice and information across Cancer Alliances.

Additional funding is also available to qualifying Cancer Alliances through:

  • Pilots supporting the roll-out of national commitments such as the Faster Diagnosis Standard and the Quality of Life Metric
  • Ongoing support for rolling out the largest radiotherapy modernisation programme in 15 years
  • Extending targeted screening to help spot lung cancer earlier.

Transformation Funding

We are investing over £200 million in Transformation Funding for the two financial years from 2017/18 to 2018/19 – supporting Alliances to deliver earlier and faster diagnosis and improved quality of life for people with cancer.

NHS England works with Cancer Alliances to make sure funding goes to areas that have robust plans for effective use of these funds, and who, through their day to day operations, have established a solid foundation for transforming care. As a result, an element of the funding released to support each Alliance in 2018/19 is linked to their 62 day performance. An adjustment has been made to the performance data used to calculate Q3 and Q4 allocations in order to offset an exceptionally sharp and unprecedented increase in urology referrals in the first half of the year.

Transformation Funding 2017/18

Over £72 million was released in 2017/18 to support Cancer Alliances and to transform cancer services as part of our five year cancer strategy. A further £9 million went to Greater Manchester which is part of a devolution agreement.

A significant level of Transformation Funding was released to support work and projects around early diagnosis. This is work that will help to ensure that patients receive their cancer diagnosis more quickly and while their cancer is at an early stage.

Transformation Funding released to support Living With and Beyond Cancer projects is improving quality of life for patients by strengthening Stratified Follow Up pathways, ensuring a whole person, whole pathway, personalised approach to care, as well as implementing Recovery Package interventions.

The Programme has also provided additional funding, separate to Transformation Funding, to support the Faster Diagnosis pilot sites and Quality of Life Metric pilot sites.

Some specific examples of 2017/18 transformation projects:

Transformation Funding 2018/19

For this year, all Cancer Alliances have agreed plans in place for using Transformation Funding to deliver earlier and faster diagnosis and support for people living with and beyond cancer, while prioritising the delivery of the 2018/19 Planning Guidance.

Funding for 2018/19 is set out in the table below.

Transformation Funding provided to Cancer Alliances for 2018/19

Cancer Alliance Core Team Funding (£) Quarter 1 & 2 ED + LWBC (revenue and capital) (£) Quarter 3 & 4

ED + LWBC (revenue and capital) (£)

National Support Funding (£) 2018/19 Total Funding (£)
North East & Cumbria 427000 2,283,000 2,283,000 2,000,000 6,993,000
Lancashire & S Cumbria 275000 984,000 868,000 1,182,000 3,309,000
Cheshire & Merseyside 324000 2,290,000 1,950,000 992,000 5,556,000
West Yorkshire 336000 2,538,000 2,538,000 0 5,412,000
Humber, Coast & Vale 275000 2,093,000 1,397,000 0 3,765,000
South Yorkshire 275000 1,214,000 1,214,000 744,000 3,447,000
West Midlands 763000 7,650,000 9,691,000 0 18,104,000
East Midlands 544000 4,148,000 4,149,000 0 8,841,000
East of England 844000 9,149,000 6,100,000 0 16,093,000
Greater Manchester 14,500,000
South East London 275000 303,000 686,000 1,500,000 2,764,000
RM Partners 504000 5,082,000 6,462,000 0 12,048,000
UCLH Cancer Collaborative 460000 5,335,000 5,335,000 0 11,130,000
Pan London 0 1,416,000 1,416,000 0 2,832,000
Thames Valley 313000 2,432,000 2,068,000 557,000 5,370,000
Kent & Medway 275000 669,000 669,000 688,000 2,301,000
Surrey & Sussex 396000 616,000 616,000 1,500,000 3,128,000
SWAG 363000 1,332,000 1,688,000 1,700,000 5,083,000
Peninsula 275000 832,000 832,000 1,240,000 3,179,000
Wessex 332000 3,475,000 3,476,000 0 7,283,000
Grand Total 7,256,000 53,841,000 53,438,000 12,103,000 141,138,000

*Notes to table:

  1. Core Team Funding was awarded for the whole financial year
  2. National Support Funding has been allocated in a way that helps to address regional variations in levels of funding and with the purpose of ensuring that all Alliances are supported to deliver the 2018/19 Planning Guidance priorities
  3. Funding for Greater Manchester was awarded for the whole financial year.