Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is one of six National Programmes of Care (NPoCs) overseeing the commissioning of specialised and highly specialised services.

The role of the NPoC is to provide leadership and oversight of the development and delivery of a comprehensive work programme that achieves demonstrable improvements in the quality, equity, value and outcomes of commissioned specialised services.

The Internal Medicine NPoC covers defined specialised and highly specialised services related to digestion, renal (kidney), hepatobiliary (liver and pancreas) and the circulatory system (heart, lungs and vascular). As well as specialised medical services in skin, endocrinology and rheumatology, Internal Medicine also includes the majority of the solid organ transplant services.

The Internal Medicine NPoC consists of an NPoC Board and nine Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs) as follows:

CRGs provide clinical advice and leadership on the specialised services in Internal Medicine. These groups of clinicians, commissioners, public health experts, patients and carers use their specific knowledge and expertise to advise NHS England on the best ways that specialised services should be provided.

CRGs lead on the development of clinical commissioning policies, service specifications and quality standards. They also provide advice on innovation, horizon scanning, service reviews and guide work to reduce variation and deliver increased value. CRGs, through their Patient and Public Voice (PPV) members, also help ensure that any changes to the commissioning of specialised services involve patients and the public.

Chair and membership of the Internal Medicine NPoC Board

  • Chair: Catherine O’Connell
  • Co-Chair: Richard Fluck
  • Programme of Care Public Patient Voice member:  Neeta Mehta
  • Programme of Care PPV member: Vacant – If you are interested in applying for this vacancy please email for more information.
  • National Programme of Care Senior Manager: Ursula Peaple
  • National Programme of Care Manager: Andy Hughes
  • Regional Programme of Care Manager North: Kathy Blacker
  • Regional Programme of Care Manager Midlands & East: Jon Gulliver
  • Regional Programme of Care Manager London: Carrie Gardner (from 28 July 2017)
  • Regional Programme of Care Manager South: Dr Yaiza Rivero
  • Highly Specialised Commissioner: Sarah Watson