The role of the Cancer National Programme of Care (NPOC) is to support the commissioning of specialised and highly specialised cancer services. This involves the development of national commissioning products, such as service specifications and clinical policy, as well as the provision of expert clinical and commissioning advice to support service improvement and innovation.

The Cancer NPOC team works directly with four cancer specific Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs) and a National Specialty Advisor for PET-CT and is supported by a Steering Group.

Chair and membership of the cancer NPOC steering group

The purpose of the steering group is to provide multi-disciplinary input and support to the NPOC team and the cancer CRGs to develop and deliver an agreed work programme.

  • Professor Peter Johnson, National Clinical Director for Cancer, NPOC Clinical Chair
  • Nicola McCulloch, Head of the Cancer Programme of Care, NPOC Commissioning Chair
  • Peter Goulding, Patient and Public Voice Representative
  • Mr Nicholas White, Regional Medical Director of Commissioning
  • Lesley Patel, Regional Director of Nursing for Direct Commissioning
  •  Joanne Murfitt, Regional Director of Specialised Commissioning and Health and Justice

Clinical reference groups

Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs) provide expert clinical advice and leadership relating to specialised cancer services. Each CRG comprises clinical, patient and public voice and professional association representatives.

The CRGs in the Cancer NPOC are:

The Cancer NPOC is also supported by a National Specialty Advisor for PET-CT.

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If you are interested in the work of the Cancer NPOC or its CRGs, you can register as stakeholder.

For details on our latest consultations please visit the NHS England consultation hub.

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For any questions or queries relating to the work of the Cancer NPOC or any of its CRGs, please contact: