Gender Dysphoria Clinical Programme

NHS England has established a Programme Board for Gender Dysphoria Services, view the terms of reference and membership. The Clinical Reference Group will give independent expert advice to the Programme Board on the various aspects of the Board’s work.

Dr John Dean, Consultant at Devon Partnership NHS Trust, has been appointed as the CRG chair. Recruitment to other posts on the CRG are currently taking place. This page will be updated once the recruitment is complete.

In 2018 NHS England published new service specifications for adult services, formed through a process of extensive stakeholder engagement and public consultation. You can read the analysis of responses and consultation report; and the service specifications:

The new service specifications will be adopted later in 2019/20 once NHS England has used a process of competitive procurement to identify which organisations are best placed to deliver specialised gender dysphoria services in the future. The process of procurement will commence in the spring of 2019. In the meantime, current providers of adult services will continue to work to the Interim Gender Dysphoria Protocol and Service Guideline.

Documents relevant to the Gender Identity Development Service for Children and Young People:

In 2019/20 the Programme Board for Gender Dysphoria Services will:

  • Oversee the process of awarding contracts for the provision of specialised services for adults (surgical; and non-surgical) through a process of competitive procurement
  • Use procurement to consider designation of one or two Gender Dysphoria Clinics to function as a National Trans Health Unit, having responsibility for managing a national or supra-regional network of Gender Dysphoria Clinics
  • Establish a pioneering gender dysphoria service in a community or primary care setting in Greater Manchester, as a pilot for evaluation; and consider pilots for other models for delivery in other parts of the country
  • Establish a National Referral Support Service to assist individuals in choosing a surgical provider that can best meet their objectives
  • Establish a new quality framework that requires designated providers to report meaningful clinical indicators, and that includes Patient Reported Outcome and Experience Measures (co-designed with people with lived experience)
  • Review the service specification and clinical commissioning policy for the Gender Identity Development Service for Children and Young People.