Medicines Optimisation Clinical Reference Group

The Medicines Optimisation Lead and Inform Clinical Reference Group (MO CRG) was established to provide advice to optimise the use of high cost medicines, focusing on the improvement of patient clinical outcomes through the principles of medicines optimisation. The CRG also works with experts from around the country to ensure that the NHS can achieve the best value for money when procuring high cost medicines.

More people are developing long-term, sometimes complex conditions, because they are generally living longer, resulting in further demands on NHS funding.

The CRG has previously developed a wide-reaching work plan that included supporting access to ATMPs, biosimilar medicines and immunoglobulin. The CRG has also provided support for other work programmes, including standardisation of total parenteral nutrition.


Our focus is on:

  • Quality of patient care (efficacy and safety of medicines)
  • Patient experience – working with patients to meet their needs
  • Reducing inequalities in access to medicines
  • Value – working with CRGs and Integrated Care systems to promote best value health gains from the use of medicines
  • Financial sustainability – appropriate investment by eliminating wasted resources

The CRG provides advice to Programmes of Care/other CRGs on high cost medicines.


  • Chair: Charlotte Skitterall
  • Mandy Matthews, Clinical Reference Group Commissioning Lead
  • Vanessa Burgess, Integrated Care System representative
  • Judith Palmer, Chief Pharmacist
  • Denise Rosembert, Trust representative (biologics & homecare)
  • Jon Standing, Chief Pharmacist
  • Claire Vaughan, Integrated Care System representative
  • Helen Taylor, Pharmacy Technician
  • Sue Dimmock, Patient and Public Voice representative
  • Jan Speechley, Patient and Public Voice representative
  • Jacqueline Eastwood, Procurement Pharmacist
  • Johanna Hulme, NHS England Medicines Policy
  • Gurpreet Virdi, South East Principal Pharmacist
  • Michele Cossey, NHS England Regional Chief Pharmacist


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If you are interested in the work of the MO CRG or its NPOC, you can register as a stakeholder.

For details on our latest consultations please visit the NHS England consultation hub.

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For any questions or queries relating to the work of the Medicines Optimisation CRG  please contact: