About NHS services

Services commissioned by NHS England

NHS England is responsible for planning and funding some NHS services. The main services we commission are:

  • Specialised services that support people with a range of rare and complex conditions.
  • Health and justice. This is a range of healthcare services that support children and adults throughout the youth justice and criminal justice systems in England and includes including healthcare in prison.
  • Military Healthcare

NHS England also works closely with UK Health Security Agency and the Department of Health and Social Care to provide and commission a range of public health services.

Services not commissioned by NHS England

Integrated care boards (ICBs) are responsible for planning and funding most local NHS services. ICBs commission:

  • primary care. This includes GPs, dentists, opticians and pharmacies
  • secondary care (with the exception of specialised services). This includes hospital care, NHS 111 services, mental health services, out-of-hours services

Other NHS services

Visit the NHS.uk website for more information about NHS services.

How to report a patient safety incident

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