What is involved in getting started? Scoping Phase

Welcome to the start of what we hope will be a positive and impactful journey for you, your colleagues and the people you serve as you work with the Culture and Leadership Programme.

As with so many projects and programmes, preparation is key to the success of your own culture and leadership programme. Each step also provides an opportunity for you to start role modelling the leadership behaviours you want to see within your organisation too.

Scoping phase. Engagement of the people, existing programmes of activity and branding to deliver CLP. Discovery phase. Tools to identify the culture of our organisation. Design phase. Development of compassionate, diverse and inclusive leadership strategies. Delivery phase. Implementation of collective leadership strategies.

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Here we have gathered a range of advice and templates to help you to

  • Engage and support the people you will need to enable you to deliver the programme
  • Assess existing programmes of activity and strategic priorities which may influence your approach
  • Consider how this work will be recognisable within your organisation
  • Begin to think about how you will evaluate the impact of this programme and whether the objectives have been met


To support you as you explore the Scoping Phase of the Culture and Leadership Programme, we have created the revised Discovery Phase Guide, which covers both the Scoping Phase and the Discovery Phase. Whether you like to work your way through, dip in and out or have something to refer back to outside of a learning space, we hope this document will enable you to implement the programme in your organisation.

Template examples

Template for linking collective leadership strategy and business plan: This template helps to prompt consideration of the organisations business plan or strategy in relation to starting work on the culture and leadership programme.


In order to ensure you’re having the impact you intended, and identify any unintended consequences to your change, you will want to plan how you will measure whether your culture and leadership programme has achieved its objectives and how you will capture lessons for future.

Consider the purpose or vision for introducing the culture and leadership programme – what are you trying to achieve? How will you know when you have achieved it? Remember that culture change takes time.

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Sharing your stories

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