Shared care records – development and delivery

What is the difference between a summary care record and shared care record?

Summary care records are electronic medical records created from GP medical records only. A summary care record typically holds information about your current medication, allergies and personal details. A shared care record contains much more information. It brings together data from the various sources involved in an individual’s care.

Core information standard

Care record standards exist to ensure the right information about you is recorded correctly and can be accessed easily.

The Core Information Standard defines a set of information that can be shared between electronic systems in different sites and settings. See Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB)  for further information.

Local delivery

Responsibility for delivering shared care records sits with local Integrated Care Boards (ICB).

Each ICB’s shared care records are developed in response to the health and care needs of the local area, existing systems and future planning. This means some of their shared care records are available to neighbouring ICBs, while others are only supported within their own ICB.

Future plans include making shared care records link together regardless of where you live or receive care in England.

How is data kept secure and safe?

There are strict rules that set out how health and care information should be accessed and managed. Every ICB that implements shared care records is required to look after an individual’s information in accordance with good practice and the law.

A national Information Governance Framework is in place, this includes a section on data security as well as specific guidance on cyber security.

Engaging with the public

Good engagement has been, and will remain, key to the success of local teams delivering share care records.  This means that the public, and health and care staff are informed on local plans, to meet the needs of their local population.

Your local shared care record

To find out how to access shared care records, contact your local shared care records programme team. You can do this through your local ICB’s website.