Shared care records – the wider context

Data saves lives strategy

The  Data saves lives paper sets out ambitious plans to harness the potential of data in health and care in England, how we continue to build public trust and confidence, while maintaining the highest standards of privacy and ethics. It also outlines the plan to deliver shared care records: We will support every ICB to ensure that all organisations are able to access a shared care record that meets the requirement set out in the standards roadmap, enabling individuals, their approved caregivers and their care teams to view and contribute to the record.

A plan for digital health and social care

The plan for digital health and social care sets out the delivery of digital transformation into one single action plan. One of its key priorities relates to shared care records, that each person should have a life-long, joined up health and care record. The expectation is all clinical teams in an ICB will have appropriate and secure access to a complete view of a person’s health and social care record. Non-clinical staff in social care settings will also be able to safely access appropriate information and input data into digital records in real time.

Future ambitions for shared care records

  1. Authorised health and care staff have ready access to a comprehensive record of the person they are caring for.

    Integrated records and care plans from across NHS trusts, general practice and social care (including local authorities) along with pharmacists, dentists, optometrists, voluntary and independent sector providers such as hospices.

  2. Individuals can access their shared care record via the NHS App.

    There will be secure access to shared care records for individuals and their carers using the NHS App or other personal health record solutions

  3. Care plans for an individual can be created and shared between authorised health and care staff, their carer’s and themselves

    Multiprofessional teams will be able to work with individuals and carers to create single personalised care plans accessible to all those who need to see them, when they need them, where they need them and how they need them.

  4. A fully connected (interoperable) shared care record capability

    Systems connect so individual records can be securely accessed anywhere across England.

Information for health and social care workers

As health and care professionals, you should be aware that Shared Care Records (previously referred to as Local Health and Care Records or ‘LHCR’) are being implemented across England.  For further information, you may wish to contact your local Shared Care Records programme team or contact the National Programme Team on

Information Governance Framework: Information Governance Framework for Healthcare Workers

Futures platform workspace for shared care records

A central platform to connect and share learning for health and care colleagues working on shared care records within localities is available through the