Global Digital Exemplars

A Global Digital Exemplar is an internationally recognised NHS provider delivering exceptional care, efficiently, through the use of world-class digital technology and information. Exemplars will share their learning and experiences to enable other trusts to follow in their footsteps as quickly and effectively as possible.

NHS England is currently supporting selected digitally advanced mental healthacute trusts and ambulance trusts, who through funding and international partnership opportunities will become Exemplars over the next two to three and a half years.

All Acute Global Digital Exemplars are now partnered with fast followers – trusts who will support the spread of best practice and innovation. Mental health Global Digital Exemplars will also partner with fast followers over the next year.

Fast followers are supported by NHS England funding, matched locally, and will enable Global Digital Exemplars to establish proven models that can be rolled out across the NHS more broadly. In some cases, this will be sharing software or a common IT team. Others will adopt standard methodologies and processes.

Why are we creating Global Digital Exemplars

The Five Year Forward View and Personalised Health and Care 2020 describe the transformation needed across the health and care system to ensure it remains sustainable and of high quality. Both these national publications and local Sustainability and Transformation Plans emphasise that excellent use of information and technology is fundamental to this transformation.

By joining up and digitalising health systems we can provide clinicians with more timely access to accurate information, support service change to help improve health for all and provide patients with better access to their records and support service change which will improve health for all. Through Global Digital Exemplars, we have an opportunity to develop leaders of this digital transformation who will eclipse the best in the rest of the world.