How to work with people and communities

People and communities should be at the heart of how we shape and improve our health and care services. Working in partnership with people and communities helps us to understand what is working well and what needs to change.  Our health and care systems need to use a range of approaches to not only listen to and act on the views of patients and the public but to work alongside people and communities so that we can achieve better health outcomes for everyone.  

How we work with people and communities should always Start with People to consider who will be most impacted and how do you build in breadth and depth to reach the people you need to involve?     

The “How To…” series covers a range of topics to help colleagues work in partnership with people and communities.  Each guide includes 3 sections:  

  • Core principles that underpin the topic.   
  • Practical tips to support working with people and communities   
  • Learning more – signposting to places you can find out more 


“How to work with people and communities” guides include:  


If you have any feedback on these guides or have suggestions about a new topic, please contact the Public Participation team at  

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