Support and resource guides

Our guides are aimed largely at GP practices and their staff – but also ICSs, NHS Trusts etc – to provide help and resources to encourage more patients to register for GP online services.

They include template articles for websites or newsletters, social media posts for use on Facebook and Twitter, and a draft press release for use with your local media.

Practice support guides

Communications guide

The following communications guide is to support GP practices in promoting GP online services to patients and encouraging them to register for this service. The guide includes suggested content for websites, social media channels and newsletters which can be tailored to individual practices, staff and patients.

Flu guide

A new flu guide has been launched by NHS England Primary Care Digital Transformation to support GP practice staff as well as PPG members so they can encourage their patients to register and book their flu clinic online this autumn and winter.

The guide includes information on how flu clinics can be used to sign up patients as well as providing information and links to further resources on the wider benefits of GP online services for both patients and practices.”

Student guide

A new guide has been produced aimed at encouraging practices to register students for GP online services, particularly those practices that are in high student populated areas. It gives examples of how practices can support students with GP online services, and case studies of those who have successfully registered larger numbers of students to access their health care online.

Good practice guides

The GP online services team is committed to sharing best practice to support GPs and their staff to implement and effectively promote online services. This support and resources guide provides a wide range of good examples from GP practices  across England from different locations, sizes, system suppliers and demographics. We invite you to use these examples to inform and develop your own local promotional plans.

Patient identity checking

The following step-by-step guide will help practices to go about checking patients who want to access GP online services.

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

The following Patient Participation Group guide has been produced by the GP online services team to give PPG members some top tips on how to engage their practice in registering more patients for online services:

The National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP) has also developed a toolkit to help Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) promote GP online services: