Time for Care support for general practice teams and primary care networks

COVID-19 has seen the most rapid changes to GP services for at least a generation. Demand in primary care is rapidly rising again and our new ways of working are under increasing pressure. The Time for Care offer for the latter part of 2020 will be focused on supporting practices and primary care networks (PCNs) to manage delivering care in a different way, to ensure people get what they need through continued, iterative improvement of these new delivery models.


  • Manage increases in patient demand.
  • Reduce admin workload for GPs.
  • Optimise total triage and remote consultations.
  • Collaborative working between practice teams and local partners, for example, care homes.
  • Lead change in an evolving landscape.
  • Improve processes to maximise benefits for staff and patients.


  • Better availability and improve access to GP appointments.
  • Improve care to benefit patients and release time for staff.
  • Developing skills and confidence to innovate.
  • Embedding and sustaining positive changes already made.
  • Improve patient experience.
  • Effectively managing patients’ unmet needs.

Time for Care – what impact has it made during the first four years?

The programme has been well received and equipped teams with the skills and opportunity to make real improvements.

  • As of March 2020 there were 3,622 of 6,801 (NHS Digital, Patients Registered at a GP Practice) practices involved with at least one element of the Time for Care offer.
  • The programme was engaged and working with 186 CCGs.

Building primary care capability for improvement

Over 610 staff have received training and coaching support to develop their skills and capability to lead colleagues and teams through change, coupled with the opportunity to network and collaborate with other practice staff across the country. A strong stream of capable primary care improvement leaders in general practice is starting to emerge.

Over 7,926 individuals who participated in all elements of the Time for Care programme opted to join our national Primary Care Improvement Community of Support, indicating their commitment to maintaining and growing their skills further to continue making local change as well as connecting and sharing their learning with peers.

We welcome new members to our community, if you are interested in joining please contact us at england.si-pcic@nhs.net.

Delivering lasting change across general practice

As of March 2020, across the programme there was an estimated 516,941 annual hours of administrative time and 327,171 annual hours of clinical time saved; which had either already been realised in practice or was highly likely to happen due to the changes made.

Time released has led to a wide range of significant benefits for general practice staff.

  • GP time is being used more effectively.
  • Pressure and burnout have declined.
  • Job satisfaction has increased – teams are feeling more ‘in control’ of their daily demands and feel they are delivering a better service for their patients.
  • Teamwork and morale have improved.
  • Meaningful collaboration between practices and wider system partners is developing.

Benefits for patients

The positive impact has had direct benefits for patients.

  • Time with an appropriate clinician.
  • Better availability of GP appointments.
  • Increased choice as a result of being better informed of the different services and healthcare professionals they can see.
  • A quicker and more efficient service, for example, timelier turnaround of repeat prescription requests and referrals to other services.

During the initial peak of COVID-19, the programme supported practices to deliver benefits for staff and patients during a time of significant change.

  • Maximised the benefits of remote consultations.
  • Implemented new ways of working that are safe, effective and sustainable.
  • Increased quality improvement knowledge and skills of leaders.
  • Maximised benefits for patients, including having more time for patients with complex needs.


Support will be tailored to your local needs and could range from improvement coaching to action-focused workshops. All sessions will be facilitated in virtual settings by our Primary Care Improvement Faculty and experienced delivery partners, comprising clinicians and managers from general practice,  including working GPs, PCN leaders and improvement experts.

About Time for Care

Our team has been working with general practice for many years, helping practices, PCNs and federations implement changes, using tried and tested approaches.

Over the last four years we have worked with over half the country’s practices on practical projects, helping set-up new processes and models and improving existing ones.


Time for Care is fully funded and available to general practice teams and PCNs to access at no charge.

How to access support

Email england.si-pcic@nhs.net and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your support needs. Priority will be given to those practices and PCNs with greatest local challenges around waiting times and patient experience.


“In this time of rapid transformation in general practice I am so grateful to the Time for Care team for giving me the quality improvement skills I am using every day. Both for systems and processes, but also in managing my team.” Farzana Hussain, Clinical Director for Newham Central One PCN and GP trainer, appraiser and coach, GP of the year at the 2019 General Practice Awards


“This is a great programme that can help you drive forward change.” Stewart Hale, GP, Brownlow Health


“Our online consultations have increased by 100%. If we had not done the work we did through Time for Care we wouldn’t have been able to adapt so quickly in meeting patient needs when COVID-19 hit.” Paviniya Vemaleswaran Administrator,  Hazeldene Medical Centre


“This process has given me more clarity and better understanding of what we are trying to do. Because our understanding is better it will help us explain it better to our teams.” Hassan Majeed Clinical Pharmacist, Picton Primary Care Network