Releasing time for care

At the heart of our development programme is Time for Care, a programme to help practice teams manage their workload, adopt and spread innovations that free-up clinical time for care, and develop the skills and confidence to lead local improvement.

At the heart of our development programme is Time for Care, one of the outcomes of the GP Forward View published in 2016.  The programme helps practice teams manage their workload, adopt and spread innovations that free-up clinical time for care, and develop the skills and confidence to lead local improvement.

Time for Care is fully funded by NHS England and NHS Improvement.  All elements are delivered by our Primary Care Improvement Faculty, a credible expert resource developed over the past decade which includes jobbing GPs, practice managers, nurses and members of the extended primary care team, as well as colleagues holding a diverse range of health and care sector experience.

In 2019 the programme grew to offer bespoke support to Primary Care Networks, helping them to assess their current state of readiness, identify priorities for future development, develop collaboration and trust by practically progressing local improvement priorities.

Time for Care – what impact has it made during the first three years?

The programme has been well received and equipped teams with the skills and opportunity to make real improvements.

  • 2,783 of 6,920 (NHS Digital, Patients Registered at a GP Practice (12 June 2019)) practices are involved with at least one element of the Time for Care offer.
  • The programme is engaged and working with 180 CCGs.

Teams in general practice are now working differently

By increasing capability and providing hands on support, teams have greater energy and motivation to do things differently. They have been able to implement the 10 High Impact Actions to release time for GPs and other practice staff, work together at scale with increased learning and sharing, and improve staff morale.

Building primary care capability for improvement

Over 438 staff have received training and coaching support to develop their skills and capability to lead colleagues and teams through change, coupled with the opportunity to network and collaborate with other practice staff across the country. A strong stream of capable primary care improvement leaders in general practice is starting to emerge.

Over 5,391 individuals who participated in all elements of the Time for Care programme have opted to join our national Primary Care Improvement Community of support, indicating their commitment to maintaining and growing their skills further to continue making local change as well as connecting and sharing their learning with peers.

We welcome new members to our community so if you are interested in joining please contact us at

Delivering lasting change across general practice

Across PGP Quick Start and Learning in Action, there has been an estimated 433,295 annual hours of administrative time and 279,448 annual hours of clinical time saved; which has either already been realised in practice or is highly likely to happen due to the changes made.

Time released has led to a wide range of significant benefits for general practice staff.

  • GP time is being used more effectively
  • Pressure and burnout have declined
  • Job satisfaction has increased – teams are feeling more ‘in control’ of their daily demands and feel they are delivering a better service for their patients
  • Teamwork and morale have improved
  • Meaningful collaboration between practices and wider system partners is developing.


“The programme has had a great impact on me, the practice, my role in the CCG
and federation.  It’s energised my enthusiasm in a time of great pressure and given me something to enjoy.  There’s been lots of benefits for my practice and patients, and I am really proud of the changes we’ve made.”
Helena Ebbs, GP, Pickering Medical Practice


“We have had the opportunity to look at our processes and identify areas which could be made more efficient.  The PGP Quick Start programme has given us an opportunity to create that headspace to look critically at the way we do things in the practice.” Dennis Chan, GP, Trent Meadows Medical Practice


“What we achieved has given us the foundation to work together and meet the challenges we face as a group of practices rather than individuals.”  Siobhan Browne, Managerial Lead, Regent Health Primary Care Network


“We knew we were receiving far too much correspondence, but it was only when we took part in Learning in Action that we did something about it.  Previously we were spending up to 40 minutes a day just reading correspondence, now we usually only need 10 minutes.” Stewart Leitch, GP, Northgate Medical Centre


Benefits for patients

The positive impact has had direct benefits for patients.

  • Time with an appropriate clinician.
  • Better availability of GP appointments.
  • Increased choice as a result of being better informed of the different services and healthcare professionals they can see.
  • A quicker and more efficient service e.g. timelier turnaround of repeat prescription requests, referrals to other services.

Learn more about the impact Time for Care has made by visiting the case studies web page.

What is the offer of support available?

The Time for Care offer of support is tailored to three groups in general practice: Individual practices, Primary Care Networks and Individuals.

Individual practices
If you are:

  • struggling to manage your practices workload and want some help to do things differently
  • interested in working with other local practices to tackle a common problem or issue that could release capacity
  • looking to equip your staff with quality improvement theories and skills to make improvements in practice.

Support available: PGP Quick Start, Fundamentals of Change and Improvement, Learning in Action.

Primary Care Networks

If you want to:

  • explore and clarify what your PCNs development needs are
  • work with other clinical directors in your CCG to identify priorities for support and action
  • build effective relationships across your network at all levels
  • develop a shared purpose and align it to meet local population health needs
  • identify priorities for working at scale
  • start to implement change that has been identified as a priority for your PCN.

Support available: PCN Diagnostic Workshop, Getting Started Workshops, Vision to Delivery.


If you are:

  • looking to develop the practical skills and confidence to make measurable quality improvements in practice
  • work through a project and want to apply your learning during the programme
  • want to understand how you might use quality improvement tools and techniques at practice and/or PCN level to make change happen.

Support available: General Practice Improvement Leads, Quality improvement for general practice nurses, Quality improvement for senior GP trainees and post CCT fellows.

How can I access Time for Care?

Individual practices and Primary Care Networks, please email us at and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your needs.

For our Individuals support offer visit the Building capability for improvement web page, where you will find details of each programme and dates you can sign up for forthcoming regional and national cohorts.