Share and learn webinars

These share and learn webinars were hosted by our sustainable improvement team. They aimed to support colleagues with their transforming care plans to improve the quality of care for people with a learning disability and/or autism.  Please see below slides from each of the webinars for information on various topics relating to this work.

Past webinars

Past Skills for Care Webinars

29 March 2018

The ERIN (Education, Resources, Interventions and Networking) Initiative: Susan Holloway, NHS Chorley & South Ribble CCG and NHS Greater Preston CCG and Sheila Roberts, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust.

An introduction and brief overview of the Source4Networks platform and its potential to support the Transforming Care Programme: Rob Cockburn, Sustainable Improvement Team, NHS England. View the slides

22 February 2018

Participation and engagement in the national programme for children and young people: Cindy Gordillo, Children & Young People Learning Disability Programme, NHS England. View the slides

25 January 2018

Stopping Over Medication of People with a learning disability, autism or both (STOMP) for children and young people: Siobhan Gorry (Children & Young People Transforming Care Team, NHS England) and Sally Brown (Expert by Experience). View the slides

30 November 2017

What does good look like: Person-centred support to promoting positive outcomes for people with learning disability and autism: Professor Julie Beadle-Brown, Professor in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at the Tizard Centre, University of Kent.

High Impact Actions for service improvement and delivery by Transforming Care Partnerships: Emma Stark, Improvement Manager, Sustainable Improvement Team, NHS England. View the slides

26 October 2017

New guidance for Transforming Care Partnerships (TCPs) to plan joined up support and services for children and young people with learning disabilities, autism or both: Phil Brayshaw (Clinical Lead) and David Gill (Learning Disability Advisor), NHS England.
The Positive Behaviour Support workforce development framework Black Country TCP commissioned from BILD: Sarah Leitch, British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD). View the slides

28 September 2017

Introduction to the evaluation of Building the Right Support – Fraser Battye, NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU
How we can Transform Care for children and young people – learning from experience – Maureen Banda – Children and Young People’s Regional Strategic Case Manager for London, Isabelle – M’s Mother and Pasquale Brammer – Local Children’s Commissioner. View the slides

31 August 2017

Helping people with a learning disability to give feedback –  Ruth Hudson – Insight Specialist, Joe Penrose – Insight and Feedback Officer, Katie Matthews, Aaron Oxford and Thomas Chalk – Learning Disability Network Managers. View the slides

27 July 2017

Children and young people with autism – Sue North, NHS England
Assuring Transformation Data System – uploading data and running reports – Andy Tookey and Judith Ellison. View the slides

29 June 2017

Creating a Positive Behaviour Support organisational and workforce development framework for TCPs and Service Provider – Yvonne Newbold, Sarah Leitch BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities). View the slides

25 May 2017

Children and young people with learning disabilities – NHS England priorities for 2017/18. Sue North and Maureen Banda, Children and Young People’s Team NHS. View the slides

22 May 2017

Commissioning an ordinary life for people with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges. Sarah Broadhurst  – Institute of Public Care on behalf of the Local Government Association. View the slides

18 May 2017

Explaining the model service specification for community based forensic support. View the slides

11 May 2017

Explaining the model service specification for enhanced/intensive support. View the slides

27 April 2017

Creating dynamic approach to risk stratification (including dynamic risk registers). View the slides

30 March 2017

How can we meet the needs of children with complex behavioural challenge? Dame Christine Lenehan, Director, Council for Disabled Children. View the slides

23 February 2017

Transforming care and the future funding of supported housing. Amy Swan, Housing Lead, Learning Disability Programme, NHS England.

Care and Treatment Reviews- key changes in the refreshed policy. Anne Webster, Clinical Lead, Improving Health & Quality, Learning Disability Programme, NHS England. View the slides

26 January 2017

Developing a cross system workforce plan for the learning disabilities workforce. Lisa Proctor, Marie Lancett, Christiana Evans and Marc Lyall.

Employing expert by experience in commissioning. Catherine Keay and Jo Minchin. View the slides.

24 November 2016

Strategic resettlement, personalisation at scale and pace. Pól Toner, NHS England.

Enhanced Care Service. Caroline Kirby, Angie Simmons and Ted Page, Worcestershire County Council. View the slides

27 October 2016

What helps make a successful care and treatment review. Anne Webster, Gavin Harding and Maggie Graham.

Guidance for TCPs in relation to Children and Young People. Phil Brayshaw from NHS England. View the slides

25 August 2016

Co-production: a long term relationship and different conversations. Sam Clark, Chief Executive of Inclusion North.

Transforming care and building the right support – the CQC approach to registering services for adults with a learning disabilitiy. Theresa Joyce and Sue Mitchell, Care Quality Commission. View the slides

28 July 2016

Personal budgets – expectations and support for transforming care partnerships. Diane Domenico, Personalisation lead, learning disability programme, NHS England.

Transforming care through Shared Lives: how to set up or develop a Shared Lives scheme for people with a learning disability and complex needs. Alex Fox, CEO, Shared Lives Plus, Anna McEwen, Executive director of support and development, Shared Lives Plus. View the slides

30 June 2016

Transforming care for children and young people. Siobhan Gorry and Sarah Jackson from NHS England. View the slides

26 May 2016

Stopping Over-Medication of People with Learning Disabilities. Dr David Branford, Ben Briggs and Carl Shaw, NHS England. View the slides