How implementing CLEAR revolutionised senior nurse’s thinking

The Clinically Led workforce and Activity Redesign (CLEAR) is a national programme funded by Health Education England and delivered by 33N. It aims to up-skill clinicians to perform and deliver data-driven, clinical redesign work to solve system-wide workforce challenges in the NHS. It supports front line staff to identify issues and develop solutions utilising new multidisciplinary models of care and workforce. These deliver sustainable change and improvements to patient care.

The programme involves training staff who deliver live transformation projects as an output of the programme. The training features a mix of online and classroom based learning supported by senior clinicians. Workforce redesign projects are delivered by participants, closely supervised and mentored by clinicians experienced in data interrogation workforce modelling and service redesign.

Claire Brewster, Senior Nurse, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust

I’ve been a Senior Nurse in the NHS for 20 years, during this time I’ve been involved in change management, reconfiguration, project work and staffing issues. Within the NHS we often encounter the same frustrating problems and adapt to change after or during a crisis and ‘hope’ solutions are found to improve care for patient. It’s obvious that we have to start thinking differently to meet the challenges today and, in the future, not only to meet the rising demand but also to address the changes in workforce supply.

I joined the Clinically Led workforcE and Activity Redesign Programme (CLEAR) programme in September 2019 and it has given me a completely different approach to current and future challenges within healthcare. The CLEAR programme has revolutionised my thinking, and approach to challenges and given me the space to engage with staff on the frontline, something that we haven’t been able to do before. Working alongside other ‘hubs’ nationally with the support from Health Education England and the CLEAR team has given us the credibility to work strategically and to produce some excellent analysis and provide actual evidence of what is and isn’t working, while learning to use data to influence change is very powerful and engages everyone.

I have learnt many new skills related to CLEAR such as being able to visualise, interpret data and apply it to a clinical setting in order to explain the challenges we face. I have also learnt many skills that are transferable to my clinical work. I have gained invaluable communication skills especially in presentations and engaging with others. I have an increased awareness of strategic issues for the NHS as well as individual Trusts and department. I have been working in a team with new people from different disciplines/ areas and learnt from them as well as how to work with them. I have had the opportunity to experience organisational meetings, discussion with managers and speaking to a whole range of people within NHS organisations. The results of the projects and feedback from the local teams, so far have been amazing and I look forward to continuing this work with CLEAR in the future!