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We want to support you with your ongoing development of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that will create an NHS where opportunities for learning and developing are plentiful, and we are all supported to reach our potential. We want to make sure that all our NHS people have equal access to learning and developing opportunities. We believe that such a workplace would attract, develop and retain talented people from all backgrounds.

Health Education England (HEE) funds education and training for the development of the future workforce. HEE leads on investment in training places for priority areas such as mental health, nursing and cancer and return to practice programmes for the development of the future workforce – these are just some of the HEE collaborative initiatives outlined in the ‘We are the NHS: The People Plan for 2020/21’.

Learning and development success stories

You may find these useful when thinking about how to improve practices in your workplace.

Further reading

What initiatives can I take forward now?

  • Executive Suite: This executive suite comprises a range of flexible offers to support you as an executive leader and as part of lifelong learning across your career. It recognises that sometimes you lead in unprecedented circumstances and supports you to meet these challenges in a sustainable way. Leading across organisations, systems and geographies can be exhilarating and challenging, particularly in current times. Having time to reflect and unpack issues we have been working with is key to improving leadership practice.

Action: Please do take up one of the offers; One-to-one psychological support or  Mentoring from the Centre for Army Leadership

  • Health Literacy: There is a crisis in healthcare: how providing direct support for staff and carers on improving health literacy can begin to tackle the challenge (e-LFH training programme devised by HEE and NHS Scotland)

Action: Follow the link to learn more

  • HEE Star Training: joining up with Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN) and Integrated Care Systems) ICS’ to deliver workforce development regionally.

Action: Follow the link to learn more

  • HEE Star workshops: Kent and Medway Cancer Alliance – how the HEE Star is a system-wide tool (video of Sharon Middleton talking about the benefits to the Alliance in the first Virtual Star workshop – held during Covid)

Action: Follow the link to learn more

Help us to help you

Do you have a success story or resource to share? Please contact us and let us know so that we can make it available for everyone.