NHS70: spotlight on cancer

A young cancer patient with a nurse

More people are surviving cancer than ever before. As we continue to celebrate 70 years of the NHS, we shine the spotlight on some of the key milestones that improved cancer diagnosis, treatment and care over the decades, as well as looking to the future on NHS cancer care. 

We will also explore some of the work of the National Cancer Programme, as the NHS implements an ambitious five year plan to deliver a world class cancer programme.

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A timeline of cancer care improvements

The NHS has played a major role in advancing cancer treatment and care locally, nationally and globally. In this video, we acknowledge some of the key milestones that marked huge improvements in cancer prevention, treatment and care.

Changing lives through the recovery package

Cancer nurses Sian and Rachel are joined by patients Katie and Liz, to talk about the impact that the Recovery Package at University Hospitals Plymouth and Derriford Hospital, is having on the lives of those living with and beyond cancer.​​ Sian recently received the Excellence in Cancer Care at the NHS70 Parliamentary Awards. Join us on Twitter to help us celebrate more of England’s award winning volunteers, staff and team


In the pursuit of excellence

In the second of two blogs to mark 70 years of NHS Cancer Care, a nurse who is a carer for her husband looks at how the patient voice has grown over the decades and explains why hearing it is important for the future: When I started on the wards five decades ago there were…

Case studies

Opticians fast-tracking tumour diagnoses

A new initiative allowing optometrists to make direct patient referrals to specialist neuroscience services is leading to earlier diagnosis of brain and central nervous system tumours in the north east of England. Opticians that detect specific changes in patients’ neural pathways during routine eye examinations, including swelling of the optic nerve or changes in vision,…