Set up

For a competent member of staff, experience suggests it takes about 6 minutes to set up 1 new online user with access to 20 patients by proxy. The times will vary across practices locally and according to other variables, like the number of practice locations.

The main barriers are engagement and local relationships between the practice, pharmacy, and care home. Once these has been addressed and all stakeholders have signed up to idea, the project should go ahead smoothly.

No, the care home will be set up to use the GP clinical system, whether EMIS Web or TPP SystmOne.

Temporary resident can be treated in the same way as a long stay residents.  They must consent to proxy access and authorised staff linked to their GP online account in the usual way.

Patients registered as temporary residents with a GP practice that uses TPP SystmOne can be added to a proxy online account (they are shown in red).  The practice will, need to ensure that the residents repeat prescriptions have all been entered into the record, available and active for ordering.

Experience in EMIS Web is that temporary residents cannot be added to a proxy account.