Better Care Fund

The Better Care Fund (BCF) programme supports local systems to successfully deliver the integration of health and social care in a way that supports person-centred care, sustainability and better outcomes for people and carers.

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About the Better Care Fund

One of the most ambitious programmes ever introduced across the NHS and local government, the BCF encourages integration by requiring clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and local authorities to enter into pooled budget arrangements and agree an integrated spending plan.

Better Care Fund – regional contacts

A detailed list of areas managed by better care managers.

Grants and funding 

Information about the disabled facilities grant, the improved BCF and winter pressures funding.

Better Care Fund support offer

The BCF team has expanded its programme of support to systems in response to the new discharge policy requirements and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Policy and planning

Information on the BCF policy framework and planning requirements 2020-21.

Better Care Fund reporting and insight

Learn about the premise of planning and quarterly reporting for the BCF, view the aggregated planning data submitted nationally on the BCF planning template for the relevant BCF planning cycle.

The Better Care Exchange 

Information on our collaborative social network for health, housing and social care professionals.

Contact us 

If you have any questions about the BCF or queries for the BCF team, please do get in touch.