Better Care Fund support offer

The Better Care Fund (BCF) team is committed to ensuring that local areas have the right support available to them as they work towards delivering their BCF plans and improving integration between health, housing and social care services.

The BCF team has expanded its programme of support to systems in response to the new discharge policy requirements and the COVID-19 pandemic. Building on our ongoing offer of bespoke support, the BCF team is working with the Local Government Association (LGA) to provide a range of opportunities for systems to identify and continue the good practice which came about in response to the pandemic, while targeting support in areas which would like help to implement discharge to assess, have been experiencing challenges or wish to accelerate their BCF and integration ambitions. Support is also available to implement your system’s winter plans, including compliance and resilience for COVID-19.

Bespoke support options range from whole system, in-depth enquiries to feed into strategy-making moving forward, to more personal support for individuals in the sector. Support is delivered at no cost to local systems by the LGA, working with our partners within the BCF, and using a pool of peers and consultants with significant experience and expertise.

How to guide: the Better Care Fund technical toolkit

The BCF team has refreshed the how to guides related to the integration of health and social care to reflect policy developments, as well as the development of integrated care systems and the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan. These guides are intended to provide practical steps and guidance on implementing BCF plans.

You can find these guides on the Better Care Exchange. To request access to the Better Care Exchange, please email

Section 75 agreement

Section 75 of the NHS Act 2006 allows partners (NHS bodies and councils) to contribute to a common fund which can be used to commission health or social care related services. This power allows a local authority to commission health services and NHS commissioners to commission social care. It enables joint commissioning and commissioning of integrated services.

The BCF team produced support materials on section 75 agreements which are a core requirement for the BCF. Bevan Brittan prepared a template Section 75 agreement with an explanatory note. This will need to be adjusted to reflect the local situation but gives a solid place to start.

You can view or download the documents here: