Policy and planning

Better Care Fund (BCF) planning requirements and NHS minimum allocations

Allocations from integrated care boards (ICBs) to BCF plans for 2022-23 have been published. The NHS Revenue finance and contracting guidance, published on 12 April, confirmed that the NHS contribution to the BCF would increase by 5.66% in 2022-23. The BCF allocations spreadsheet confirms allocations from ICBs to individual Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWB). The contribution to each HWB has increased by 5.66%. Minimum allocations that must be pooled by each ICB into the BCF can be found at this link.

The allocations are set by NHS England and must be pooled into a section 75 agreement alongside grants paid to local government.

To request to join the Better Care Exchange, please email england.bettercareexchange@nhs.net