Policy and planning

Better Care Fund planning requirements for 2022-23

The policy framework and planning requirements for the Better Care Fund (BCF) in 2022-23 have been published. The policy framework is published by government and can be found on the gov.uk website. Planning requirements are available on the NHS England website and set out details of the requirements that BCF plans must meet. The planning requirements apply to both integrated care boards and local authorities, and they are being published jointly with the Local Government Association. The BCF planning template and other supporting materials are available on the Better Care Exchange.

Better Care Fund planning requirements and NHS minimum allocations

Allocations from integrated care boards (ICBs) to BCF plans for 2022-23 have been published. The NHS Revenue finance and contracting guidance, published on 12 April, confirmed that the NHS contribution to the BCF would increase by 5.66% in 2022-23. The BCF allocations spreadsheet confirms allocations from ICBs to individual Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWB). The contribution to each HWB has increased by 5.66%. Minimum allocations that must be pooled by each ICB into the BCF can be found at this link.

The allocations are set by NHS England and must be pooled into a section 75 agreement alongside grants paid to local government.

Adult Social Care Discharge Fund

The £500 million Adult Social Care Discharge Fund, announced in September 2022, will be pooled into local BCF plans and section 75 agreements. Funding will be provided through grants to local authorities (40% of the national fund) and allocations via ICBs (the remaining 60%).

ICBs need to confirm the agreed distribution of their allocation across the HWBs in their footprint in the template provided on the Better Care Exchange alongside their HWB spending plans. Plans need to be submitted to england.bettercarefundteam@nhs.net by 16 December 2022.

Guidance on the fund and planning process has been published as an addendum to the BCF policy framework by the Department of Health and Social Care.

To request to join the Better Care Exchange, please email england.bettercareexchange@nhs.net