Better Care Fund reporting and insight

The Better Care Fund 2020/21 policy statement sets out how local authorities and CCGs should proceed with finalising plans and pooling agreements for funding under the Better Care Fund (BCF) in 2020 to 2021, and sets out the national conditions for the fund.

The statement confirms that:

  • Spending plans for 2020/21 will not be assured regionally or formally approved. Local authorities and CCGs should ensure that robust local governance is in place to oversee BCF funds.
  • A short template is available on the Better Care Exchange for systems to use locally to calculate spend and compliance with the conditions on maintenance of social care and CCG commissioned out of hospital expenditure.
  • Areas should keep records of spending against schemes funded through the BCF. Areas will be asked to report actual income and expenditure as normal year end reporting, as well as details of spending on maintaining social care spending from the CCG minimum contribution and out of hospital services, in line with the national conditions.
  • Areas must continue to actively participate in local BCF governance mechanisms in place during the year (including the governance arrangements set out in the relevant section 75 agreement(s)) to ensure that BCF funding is used to best effect and accounted for appropriately.
  • Health and wellbeing board areas are not expected to submit local trajectories for the BCF national metrics for 2020/21 but should continue to work as a system to make progress against them. National reporting of delayed transfers of care was suspended from 19 March 2020. Local areas are reporting on a new set of metrics under the Hospital discharge service policy.

Previous plans, summaries and reporting data

The below files include planning data and reports for 2019/2020.

Plans, summaries and reporting data from previous years are available on our archive website.