Better Care Fund reporting and insight

BCF in-year reporting is required from local systems through their health and wellbeing board areas, as stated in the annual BCF Policy Framework.

The local governance mechanism for the BCF is the health and wellbeing board, which should sign off the report or make appropriate arrangements to delegate this. The BCF in-year monitoring template is used to ensure that health and wellbeing board areas continue to meet the requirements of the BCF over the lifetime of their plan and enable areas to provide insight on health and social integration.

You can find full details of our reporting and access our templates on the Better Care Exchange. To request to join the Better Care Exchange, please emailĀ

Previous plans, summaries and reporting data

The below files include planning data and reports for 2019-20 and 2021-22.

Plans, summaries and reporting data from previous years are available on our archive website.