ROAN information sheet 52: Teamworking resources

Effective teamwork is integral to the provision of quality healthcare. However, teamworking issues can arise in all workplace settings, with associated impact on service delivery and patient care, as well as individual health and wellbeing. Doctors are vital team workers and leaders; their behaviours are commonly pivotal to the culture of a team.

Simultaneously, organisations should recognise that effective and compassionate local governance is a critical part of the culture that will support effective teamworking. Healthy application of aspects of good professional governance such as induction, job planning, appraisal (360 feedback), mentoring, quality improvement, and learning from incidents all function to flag issues and drive positive professional behaviours.

Below are some current relevant resources as an introduction to this topic. It is intended to assist doctors looking for resources to understand their responsibilities and help them manage teamworking issues or organisations signposting them to assistance. Some resources are aimed at organisations looking to review and enhance their systems and processes in this area. A NHS England project to develop e-learning for organisations on management of behavioural and teamworking concerns is currently due to complete in 2024.


The resources provide complementary support and guidance; however, this is not an exhaustive list. Organisations should always refer to their own HR/people policies and people services teams when supporting doctors. NHS England does not endorse all external resource providers, nor does it accept liability for any loss or harm arising from engaging with any of the external resources listed in this document.

This information sheet is relevant to all designated bodies in England.

Associated information sheet: ROAN Information Sheet 43: Team issues involving doctors in designated bodies outside NHS England – roles and responsibilities