2. Continue to lead the NHS in responding to COVID-19 ever more effectively

Our focus in 2022/23 will be reducing the impact of COVID-19 on wider health and care services to allow the NHS to continue to focus on service delivery and system transformation. At the same time, the NHS will need to remain prepared in case of future waves of the pandemic.

Our commitments for 2022/23

  • Develop a steady-state approach to COVID-19 vaccination that interfaces with other routine immunisations and supports the highest possible uptake across communities and the continued reduction in uptake disparities.
  • Maintain the National Incident Co-ordination Centre to effectively manage the response to COVID-19 and ensure preparedness to respond to any future outbreaks and new variants.
  • Prepare for the forthcoming public inquiry into the pandemic, updating the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) that we are prepared and engaging fully with the inquiry once it is launched.
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You can download a PDF version of our 2022/23 business plan here