Health and Wellbeing Champions

The NHS People Plan outlines the ambition to enable NHS organisations to create cultures of wellbeing across their organisations,  through encouraging wellbeing conversations and the introduction of networks of Health and Wellbeing Champions.

What are Health and Wellbeing Champions?

Health and Wellbeing Champions are individuals who work at all levels of the NHS, from all demographics and roles, who will promote, identify and signpost their colleagues to local and national health and wellbeing support offers.  This is intended to be taken on as a responsibility in addition to their day to day role.

Many organisations may already have similar roles in place, using alternative names such as health and wellbeing allies, advocates or officers.

Who can be a Health and Wellbeing Champion?

A Health and Wellbeing Champion role is not intended to be a full time, new or paid role within an organisation.  It is intended to be filled by colleagues within an organisation or team, who have a particular interest in health and wellbeing and who are keen to support the wellbeing of their colleagues.  This could include colleagues who work in similar roles already, such as occupational health teams, HR, health and wellbeing teams or local staff networks.

We would encourage the Champions are appointed from a range of roles across the organisation, covering a variety of grades, and who have capacity and support from their line manager to be a Champion.

What support is available to me as a Champion?

All Champions are invited to become a member of our closed online community of practice, to network with other Champions, and share ideas and ask questions.  You can request access the online community of practice through the NHS Futures site (

There is also an optional e-learning module for Health and Wellbeing Champions to complete to understand more about the role.  This training can be accessed on the Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare website.

Alongside any local support your organisation has put in place, NHS England is offering a monthly development programme for Champions, with themed online learning sessions and the opportunity to join a safe space where you can share learning with other Champions.   A list of the upcoming development sessions is as below.  Simply click on the date to sign up.

Date Theme
12pm-1pm, 25 May 2023 Supporting colleagues with financial concerns
12pm-1pm, 15 June 2023 Nutrition and mindful eating with Headspace
12pm-1pm, 13 July 2023 The role of Occupational Health and Wellbeing
12pm-1pm, 17 August 2023 Supporting your colleagues through grief
12pm-1pm, 7 September 2023 Understanding how shift patterns can affect our wellbeing
12pm-1pm, 21 September 2023 Talking about suicide
12pm-1pm, 19 October 2023 Celebrating neurodiversity amongst our colleagues

Understanding Health Improvement – Royal Society for Public Health

As part of the national Health and Wellbeing Champions development programme, we funded 750 places across England for Champions to complete the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement. The aim of this qualification is to provide Champions with an understanding of the principles of promoting health and wellbeing and to enable them to direct individuals towards further practical support in their efforts to attain a healthier lifestyle. Further details on the qualification and its content can be found via RSPH | RSPH Level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement.

Cohorts ran from September 2022 until March 2023.  An evaluation is now being conducted to understand how our colleagues have found the training and how they are using the skills learnt in their roles.