Wellbeing Guardians

Whether you are an established wellbeing guardian, recently taken on the function or considering becoming the wellbeing guardian for your healthcare organisation, thank you and welcome.

As a wellbeing guardian, you are a key enabler in helping to create an organisational culture where empowering the health and wellbeing of our NHS people is routine and a priority consideration across all organisational activities and decisions.

What is a wellbeing guardian?

A wellbeing guardian is a senior healthcare leadership assurance function that seeks assurance, independently challenges, and holds to account the senior leadership team of a healthcare organisation. They ensure that senior leaders are developing a compassionate and inclusive culture of health and wellbeing, where all their diverse staff are cared for and can pass the care they receive onto their patients.

Helpful information for wellbeing guardians and organisations

This information will support all wellbeing guardians to:

  • Develop into the function of a wellbeing guardian both personally and as a community.
  • Deliver and shape the aspirations and impact for the wellbeing guardian function.
  • Create a culture of wellbeing for our NHS people to thrive and deliver quality healthcare services.

Read the Wellbeing guardian implementation plan.

To support you, this information is split into the following sections – click on the links below to find out more: