Facilitating Large Scale Change webinar series

In the autumn of 2018, NHS England’s Sustainable Improvement team held a series of webinars on Facilitating Large Scale Change.

This free programme was aimed at all those working in health and care organisations who are facing large scale change challenges and all those interested in developing large scale change skills.

Led by expert facilitators, the webinar series introduced participants to frameworks and tools for leading successful large scale change and:

  • Introduced the principles of systems leadership
  • Introduced the theory and principles of large scale change
  • Provided an overview of processes of change and the Change Model
  • Introduced foundational elements of mobilising and organising and the use of narrative
  • Introduced the key principles of measurement for improvement and change
  • Introduced approaches for maximising value from your networks

You can watch the webinar series back on the Virtual Academy of Large Scale Change collaboration space on NHS Networks. Please note, in order to access the space, you need to:

  1. Ensure you are registered on NHS Networks
  2. Apply to join the VALSC collaboration space (you will then receive a notification once we’ve accepted your request)

Once you are registered and accepted into the space, you can access the webinar recordings using the links below:

Webinar Number Subject
N/A Virtual Academy of Large Scale Change Induction
Webinar 1/6 Systems Leadership
Webinar 2/6 Leading Large Scale Change
Webinar 3/6 Mobilising
Webinar 4/6 The Change Model
Webinar 5/6 Measurement for Improvement
Webinar 6/6 Creating & Managing Networks

If you have any questions about the webinar series, or you have any problems accessing the collaboration space on NHS Networks, please email england.si-virtualacademy@nhs.net.