NHS Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services (NEPTS) review

In autumn 2019 NHS England and NHS Improvement announced it would review non-emergency patient transport services (NEPTS).

NEPTS take patients to and from their homes, to their care provider, for planned appointments and treatment. NEPTS are for those patients who:

  • Have a condition such that they need additional medical support during their journey
  • Find it difficult to walk
  • Are the parents, guardians, or children, of patients who need transport

A 2019 report by Healthwatch, Age UK, and Kidney Care UK, ‘There and Back’, set out the challenges people face, when travelling to and from NHS providers. This was the latest in a series of reports highlighting difficulties with patient transport services.

Review objectives

The review will analyse how the current NEPTS system works and determine how best to improve patient transport services in England, within existing and planned NHS resources.

The review will consider:

  • Service access and activity
  • Service quality
  • User experience
  • Providers’ economic resilience
  • Service sustainability and affordability

The review will also consider the environmental impacts of patient transport services, and how future changes in provision might reduce air pollutant emissions.

The Review Expert Advisory Group (EAG)

We’ve established an Expert Advisory Group (EAG) who’ll meet regularly for the review duration.

The EAG members are:

  • Ian Dodge (Chair), NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Fiona Daly, NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Caroline Abrahams, Age UK
  • Fiona Loud, Kidney Care UK
  • Imelda Redmond, Healthwatch
  • Rachel Power, Patients Association
  • Anna Parry, Association of Ambulance Chief Executives
  • Alan Howson, Independent Ambulance Association
  • Russell Hobbs, G4S Patient Transport Services
  • Peter Kottlar, Sussex CCGs
  • Peter George-Jones, Guys and St Thomas Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Call for evidence

The review will comprise a literature review, marketplace and stakeholder engagement, and data collection.

We would welcome your insight, examples, and data, on:

  1. The challenges facing non-emergency patient transport services in England.
  2. Good or innovative practice examples, including use of technology, if possible with supporting links.
  3. Suggestions about how to improve services within available resources.
  4. Any other comments relevant to the review that you wish to make.

You’re invited to provide any relevant information via the online form, by email to nhsi.neptsreview@nhs.net or write to us at Patient Transport Review, Area 6D, Skipton House, London Road, SE1 6LH.

This call for evidence will run for six weeks, closing at midday on Friday 13 March 2020.

Roundtable meetings and webinars

We’ll host roundtable meetings to explore specific issues in more detail, and to identify solutions. These events will take place in March.

These meetings will discuss:

  • Access and eligibility
  • Volunteering and community transport
  • Operational models
  • Systems and technology
  • Data and contracting

Our roundtable events are aimed at transport service providers, commissioners, and voluntary, community, and patient organisations. If you, or your organisation, would like to take part, please email nhsi.neptsreview@nhs.net. Places are limited, and participants will be selected to ensure a balance of different perspectives and areas of expertise.

We’ll also hold webinars, open to anyone interested in contributing to the review. You can find more info, and register, here.

Contact us

If you’ve any further questions about the review, or would like to input, please email us at: nhsi.neptsreview@nhs.net