Ambulance Response Programme

In 2017, following the largest clinical ambulance trials in the world, NHS England implemented new ambulance standards across the country.

This was to ensure that the sickest patients get the fastest response and that all patients get the right response first time.

The new system updated a decades old system and provides the ambulance service with a strong foundation for the future.

A new set of pre-triage questions identifies those patients in need of the fastest response.

Our easy read document helps explain the changes in accessible language. There are now four categories of call and the following animations explain a little about each.

Category 1 – Calls from people with life-threatening illnesses or injuries

This short animation explains more about these calls:

Category 2 – Emergency calls

Hear more about these types of calls:

Category 3 – Urgent calls

Watch this short animation on what an urgent call is:

Category 4 – Less urgent calls

Learn more about what this means:

Further reading about the programme