2018/19 Addendum to the GP IT Operating Model

Updated GP IT Operating Model – Securing Excellence in Primary Care (GP) Digital Services: The Primary Care (GP) Digital Services Operating Model 2019-21

The 2018/19 Addendum to the GP IT Operating Model outlines revisions to the current GP IT Operating Model, ‘Securing Excellence in GP IT Services 2016-18’, third Edition that will help to ensure that GP IT services remain fit for purpose, flexible and responsive to developing General Practice requirements.

The arrangements outlined in the GP IT Operating Model Addendum 2018-19 provides further support to the aims within the third edition of the GP IT Operating Model; for increased ‘local’ flexibility and ownership enabling commissioners to effectively respond to a rapidly changing Primary Care landscape, whilst also supporting a local collaborative approach to digital enablers that will help support delivery of the GP Forward View (GPFV) and the broader integration of health and care as part of local integrated care systems (ICSs).

A significant part of the addendum addresses the changes required to support general practice with cyber and data security requirements resulting from the cyber-attack on the NHS in 2017, the new National Data Guardian (NDG) Standards and recommendations and obligations for GP contractors under the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which came into force in May 2018.  In addition, the GP IT Schedule of Services has been updated to reflect the 2017/18 General Medical Services Digital Guidance.

A full revision of the GP IT Operating Model is being undertaken for release in 2019/20.

Additional materials and guidance to support the implementation of the revised GP IT operating arrangements outlined in the addendum are available: