National Commercial and Procurement Hub

The national Commercial and Procurement Hub support service commissioned by NHS England is able to provide expert advice and guidance to CCGs, general practices and legally incorporated practice affiliations.

The Hub has worked extensively with GP Access Fund pilot schemes, achieving significant financial savings and accelerated deployment and currently provides a service to support local digital procurement being delivered under the Estates and Technology Transformation Fund (ETTF).

During 2017, the service was expanded to provide additional support to CCGs, general practices and legally incorporated practice affiliations procuring digital online consultation systems as part of the General Practice Forward View (GPFV) and broader investment and procurement in digital solutions intended to transform general practice.

Its remit is to:

  • Identify and exploit opportunities for collaborative technology procurement on behalf of general practice. Bring value for money and aid future proof investment.
  • Develop and deliver a programme of proactive supplier engagement activity, and scan the supplier market for new and emerging digital technologies.
  • Harness the technology capability and capacity of NHS procurement organisations to support CCGs and general practice.
  • Offer targeted and practical commercial and procurement support to CCGs.
  • Work with NHS Digital national programmes to represent the procurement needs of general practice transformation projects working with the Hub.
  • Provide a single point of contact, and signposting service, for emerging digital suppliers seeking to engage with general practice.

Support available from the Commercial and Procurement Hub includes:

  1. Advice and guidance – commercial, procurement and market management advice and guidance support to local digital procurements and contracts.
  2. Identification and support for collaborative procurement opportunities enabling value for money investment.
  3. Facilitation and signposting to best fit procurement frameworks to reduce duplication and drive efficiency
  4. Shared learning and experience across digital investment schemes, including ETTF, Online Consultation Systems and broader Digital Primary Care Transformation schemes.

Contact the Hub at: