Securing Excellence in Primary Care (GP) Digital Services: The Primary Care (GP) Digital Services Operating Model 2019-21

The Securing Excellence in Primary Care (GP) Digital Services document sets out the commissioning framework for the provision of high-quality general practice digital services, building upon ‘Securing Excellence in GP IT Services’, first published December 2012 with subsequent editions through to the 2018/19 addendum.

This Model:

  • embeds the GP IT Futures Framework, nationally commissioned digital solutions and introduces the new Primary Care Networks (PCNs)
  • addresses the challenges for digitally enabled general practice
  • will be supported by a new CCG Practice Agreement

It covers the key policies, standards and operating procedures that CCGs are obliged to work with to fulfil their obligations under the delegated arrangements.  The model is intended to ensure that general practices have access to safe, secure, effective and high performing IT systems and services that keep pace with the changing requirements to deliver care.

The arrangements outlined support the provision of digital obligations under the GP Contract, describing the specific arrangements that NHS England will put in place to inform general practice of what to expect and explain how the NHS will ensure that key digital strategies are reflected and supported in general practice.

A significant part of the Model addresses the move to the requirements and capabilities approach to commissioning aligned with the GP IT Futures framework. It also strengthens the advice on the requirement for digital services to meet required standards, advising the use of national procurement frameworks wherever possible.

Additional materials and guidance to support the implementation of the revised GP IT operating arrangements are available:

Remote Working in Primary Care Guidance for GP Practices during COVID-19 Emergency Response

An appendix to Securing Excellence in Primary Care (GP) Digital Services: The Primary Care (GP) Digital Services  has been recently published to support remote working across general practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CCG Practice Agreement: Terms governing the provision and receipt of Digital Services in General Practice

NHS England & NHS Improvement is responsible for the delivery of digital services in General Practice and has directed CCGs to ensure availability and  procurement of digital services to practices as outlined in the Primary Care (GP) Digital Services Operating Model 2019-21, supported by the necessary operating arrangements, requirements, standards and leadership.

The CCG Practice Agreement sets out the basis on which the CCG will make services available to practices and the responsibilities of the practices in respect of receiving services.