National GP Induction and Refresher Scheme

The GP Induction and Refresher Scheme is designed to provide a safe, supported and direct route for qualified GPs to join or return to NHS general practice in England.

Together with Health Education England, and in partnership with the RCGP and BMA, we have introduced some new features to the scheme which will help to make the process better, as well as provide the much needed financial and practical support doctors have said they want to help them return to or join a career in general practice in England.

Changes include offering GPs on the scheme access to a dedicated account manager to support them with practical things such as completing forms and paperwork, and more help towards costs and fees.

The improvements to the scheme are part of our plans to recruit an extra 500 GPs back into general practice in England by 2020 and reduce the time it takes for them do this.

What’s on offer?

Increased financial support

  • A monthly bursary of up to £3,500 while GPs are on a placement in a GP surgery.
  • A time limited financial top up to the bursary of £1,250 to assist with the costs of indemnity whilst on the scheme (available until 31 October 2018).
  • A time limited reimbursement (worth £464) to GPs on the scheme for the costs of GMC membership and DBS fees (available until 31 October 2018).
  • No assessment fees for first sitting of assessments (worth up to £1,000).
  • Reimbursement of fees for the portfolio route (worth £950).
  • Options to complete parts of the scheme before moving back to England, if GPs are living or working overseas. Plus an assessment free portfolio route for UK trained GPs currently working in primary care abroad.
  • Help with relocation costs if GPs move to some parts of England.

More practical support

A new national support team, based in Liverpool, means each GP has access to a dedicated account manager and contact point to support them through the entire process. This includes:

  • Assistance and advice with completing forms and paperwork.
  • Assistance with arranging occupational health assessments.
  • Advice on arranging indemnity.
  • Co-ordinating assessments and placements on behalf of GPs.

We are continuing to make changes to the way the scheme is organised to make the process simpler and quicker – with further improvements going live from 1 April this year.

  • For those doctors still needing to complete the I&R process, and scoring the highest bands on the I&R assessments, we are working with Health Education England to reduce the length of placements and the need for these doctors to sit the simulated surgery.
  • Increasing the frequency of assessments and reducing the length of placements for those doctors scoring highest bands on their assessments.
  • Developing national guidance on approving GPs for the Medical Performers List so, where it is safe to do so, they can be put on the list without completing every aspect of the scheme.

Thinking of joining or returning to NHS general practice? See the General Practice (GP) Returners website for more details.