Supporting Mentors Scheme

The Supporting Mentors Scheme is a new commitment from the February 2020 ‘Update to the GP Contract agreement 2020/21–2023/24’, forming part of a suite of interlocking GP recruitment and retention initiatives.

This scheme enables integrated care boards (ICBs) to upskill their experienced GPs and provide a portfolio working opportunity. The overarching aim is to retain experienced GPs working in primary care through creating this portfolio working opportunity, while supporting less experienced GPs through high quality mentoring

GPs on the scheme will be provided with funded training, leading to a recognised mentoring qualification. Once trained, GP mentors will be reimbursed to conduct up to one session of mentoring every week. In 2023/24, GPs are also eligible for reimbursement of £1156 (equivalent to four mentoring sessions) for time undertaking mentorship training.

Systems should establish a mechanism for GP mentors to connect with newly qualified doctors on the GP Fellowships Programme, the Return to Practice (RtP) programme and the International Induction Programme (IIP). Mentors should support them to embed into the local general practice environment and become an integral part of the local primary care team.

Once the GP Fellowship mentoring need has been met, systems may offer any additional mentoring capacity to other GPs who may benefit, such as:

  • Support to new GP partners
  • Supporting locums into salaried roles;
  • Helping mid-career GPs make career choices including deciding to take on a partnership role;
  • Supporting GPs thinking of returning to the profession;
  • Conversations with GPs on the National GP Retention Scheme.

Read the Supporting Mentors Scheme guidance to find out more.