Why is it important to involve people

Disabled peoples’ groups say “nothing about us without us”. This means two important things to the NHS:

  • People should make choices about their own life, healthcare and support. We call this empowerment.
  • People with a learning disability, autistic people and family carers, should be involved in the design of good quality services. There are different levels of involvement, from asking people for feedback through to coproduction. By coproduction we mean that staff work closely with people to design and produce a solution or service together.

Things we should do to give people more power

Use easy, everyday words to talk about people. Read the words we use to talk about people.

Listen to people:

The law

The law says that the NHS must involve people in developing its services and when they are making big changes to services. NHS England has written guidance about this:

Where can I find out more?